Synexa operates in five locations:


Our global headquarters is in the Leiden Bio Science Park, one of Europe’s premier life science clusters and home to over 100 biopharma and medtech companies. Our Leiden office is home to business and scientific leadership, client relationship management and corporate finance functions.

Cape Town

Our Cape Town lab offers a wide range of expertise across all biomarker types and technical platforms. Cape Town is our Centre of Expertise in Soluble Biomarkers, as well as offering deep expertise in flow cytometry, cell culture work, translational ProtoTrials, pharmacogenetics, analytical chemistry and bioinformatics.


Our London laboratory is located at the Northwick Park Hospital campus in Harrow, a significant centre for early phase clinical trials in the UK. The lab specialises in the development and delivery of flow cytometry assays, enabling the immediate analysis of unstable samples drawn from subjects at one of the hospital's clinical sites.

London is also our Centre of Expertise in Oncology, offering a novel, proprietary approach to liquid biopsy analysis.


The Berlin lab is located next to the DRK Kliniken Westend, and also offers in-clinic flow cytometry services, to reduce the risk and logistical complexities of analysing potentially unstable clinical sample. The Berlin team has a particular strength in immunology and vaccines work.


Synexa’s centre for international strategy and corporate development is in Dublin, a well-established EU base for a wide selection of multinational clinical research, biotechnology and internet companies.