To overcome shortcomings in existing commercial products, Synexa developed a new standard called LymphoSure in 2007.

LymphoSure is the ideal QA standard for flow cytometric analysis of lymphocyte subsets, displaying clear and consistent scatter properties and enabling high-quality gating.

LymphoSure is a preparation of stabilized human peripheral blood developed using Synexa’s proprietary cell stabilization technology. LymphoSure overcomes the shortcomings of existing EQA standards, providing consistent scatter properties and a long shelf-life of up to 69 days. LymphoSure can be used as an IQA, EQA or as part of a proficiency scheme and is currently distributed to almost 500 laboratories globally. We have tested and produce LymphoSure for use on Becton Dickinson (Count, Calibur and Canto), Alere, Guava and Sysmex platforms.



  • Long life: Shelf life of 69 days from production date.
  • Stability: Remains stable until its expiry date, provided it is stored correctly.
  • Quality: Clear and consistent scatter properties, enabling high quality gating. LymphoSure has the CE mark of quality.
  • Price: LymphoSure is priced very competitively and supplied in different sizes to meet every lab’s requirements.
  • Availability: LymphoSure is produced in frequent, small batches, ensuring stability and availability.
  • Customization: Potential to customize product for user-specific marker combinations.

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