About Synexa

Over 20 years of pioneering in biomarker and bioanalytical analysis.

Biomarker and Bioanalysis Specialists

Synexa Life Sciences is a global provider of biomarker and bioanalytical services, specialising in the development, validation and delivery of a wide range of complex and custom-designed assays. With a team of 150 across five global laboratory locations; Cape Town, London, Berlin, Turku (Finland) and Rockville (Maryland USA), we provide innovative solutions to support our customers to achieve their clinical milestones. 

Our main areas of expertise include biomarker identification and development, clinical bioanalysis, soluble biomarker analysis (utilising MSD, ELISA, RIA, fluorescence and luminescence-based technologies), cell biology (including flow cytometry and ELISpot) and genomic services to support clinical trials and translational studies.

We pride ourselves on our deep scientific expertise and our ability to tackle complex problems, translating them into robust and reliable assays to support clinical trial sample analysis. We partner with our customers to contribute to the furtherment of scientific development and ultimately better management and treatment of human health.

Since, 2019, Synexa has been backed by Gilde Healthcare, a specialised healthcare investor.

Committed to Global Health Outcomes

At Synexa Life Sciences, our commitment transcends providing leading biomarker and bioanalytical services. We’re driven by a set of guiding principles which form the basis for everything we do.

Our Purpose: At the heart of Synexa Life Sciences lies a profound purpose – ’to improve the quality of human health’. Through meticulous research and unwavering dedication, we tirelessly work towards this goal, understanding the profound impact of our contributions on individuals and communities. 

Our Vision: Synexa’s vision is to be more than just a clinical laboratory services provider; we aim to be ‘the scientific partner of choice for biomarker and bioanalytical solutions’. With a reputation built on trust, expertise and innovation, we are committed to driving the success of our partners and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Our Mission: Our strength lies in our team. Synexa’s mission revolves around cultivating a culture and environment that ‘attracts, nurtures, and retains exceptional talent’. By doing so, we ensure that our global customers are supported by the brightest minds, aiding them in achieving their pivotal drug development milestones.

Global Scientific Excellence

Years pioneering biomarker and bioanalytical science

Continents which we are based in – Europe, North America and Africa

Global laboratory locations within the Synexa family

Strong team across our sites

Of our staff are scientists

Highest number of reportable flow cytometry parameters in one study

The Scientific Partner of Choice for Biomarker and Bioanalytical Solutions

Bridging the gap between science and life.