Why work with Synexa?

Discover what makes Synexa the scientific partner of choice for biomarker and bioanalytical solutions..

The Scientific Partner of Choice for Biomarker and Bioanalytical Solutions

At Synexa Life Sciences, we’re here to help you make informed scientific decisions. With over two decades supporting customers around the globe, our scientists are ready to support your team's drug development goals.

ProtoTrials® and Access to Patient Samples

ProtoTrials, a human in-vitro translational platform, combined with extensive access to diverse patient samples, allows us to gain unrivalled translational insights.

Trusted Partnerships

Synexa works with some of the world's leading CROs to provide specialist biomarker and bioanalytical services to global customers. Synexa works with customers directly or seamlessly through your chosen CRO.

Our Vision

Synexa’s vision is to be 'the scientific partner of choice for biomarker and bioanalytical services'. To achieve this, we place our customers at the heart of our operations.

Collaborative Approach

We believe in a truly collaborative approach, working closely with customers to provide customised, flexible solutions that meet your exact needs.