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Persistence is key: Bioanalytical Strategies for Cell Therapy Clinical Trials

In this webinar, we navigate the challenges and complexities of designing early-phase studies for cell therapies.

Enhancing Flow Cytometry Precision and Accuracy in Immuno-Oncology Studies

Discover how flow cytometry can drive the development of more effective immuno-oncology treatments.

Accelerating TB Vaccine Development: Insights from Microsampling, Biomarkers and Data Analysis

This webinar aims to explore critical aspects of TB vaccine development as TB continues to be a global health threat.

Clinically Relevant Biomarker Strategies and Machine Learning for Biomarker Assessment

Biomarker quantification plays an integral role in providing guidance for downstream decision-making that has shown to correlate positively with clinical trial success.

Alternative Approaches to Functional and Phenotypic Assays Using Multiparameter Flow Cytometry

The applications of multiparameter flow cytometry are rapidly expanding due to the versatility of this technology.