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Autoimmune Services

Flow Cytometry

Synexa's flow cytometry panels include immune cell phenotypic markers, activation markers, intracellular cytokine production and specific receptors to measure target engagement and receptor occupancy.

Our specialised flow cytometry team are experts in performing biomarker discovery studies to better stratify patients with disease as well as track disease progression and flare ups over time. Samples can include fresh whole blood with optimised extended stability and PBMC’s.

Soluble Biomarkers

In addition to large molecule bioanalysis, Synexa has significant experience in designing and analysing bespoke biomarker panels for autoimmune conditions. These include:

  • Highly sensitive quantification of 10-analyte cytokine panels using the MSD platform
  • Broader semi-quantitative 92-analyte panels using the Olink platform
  • Complement component analysis
  • Autoantibody profiling


Genetic analysis is a key component in autoimmune research, providing detailed insight into multiple sample types, even those with limited material. Quantification of the frequency of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) expression is pertinent in those diseases where such alterations significantly contribute to disease pathology. In cases where casual SNPs are unknown, Synexa can further support targeted gene sequencing.

Synexa utilises the powerful NanoString platform and nCounter panels to quantify gene expression of over 750 markers in blood and tissue samples. Panels include broader inflammatory panels which can provide insight into Th1 vs Th2 responses and interferon signatures in multiple sample types.

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