Human in vitro translational immunology platform for novel therapeutics development.

What is a ProtoTrial?

ProtoTrials® is a human in vitro translational research platform that focuses on addressing immunobiological questions related to drug target engagement and expression of pharmacology. The immunology of an animal model (even a humanised one) is significantly different from that of humans. ProtoTrials® helps to bridge the divide that exists in the study of immune mechanisms between animal models and in vivo human studies.

How do ProtoTrials® work?

  1. Our extensive clinical network provides Synexa access to diverse, healthy and diseased patient samples (e.g. Lupus, IBD, Myeloma). 
  2. ProtoTrials® experimentally addresses customer-specific immunobiological questions.
  3. We provide tailored assay readouts, encompassing genomic assessments, soluble biomarkers and functional/phenotypic flow cytometry.
  4. Using a consultative approach, we foster a collaborative relationship with customers to ensure we have a thorough knowledge base of the biology under investigation and a detailed understanding of the questions that need to be answered. 
  5. Regular and ongoing interaction to review available data, confirm next steps and adapt experimental plans based on biological insight when appropriate.
  6. Adapting the experimental plan to meet individual customer needs, providing tailored and customised solutions.

ProtoTrials® Advantages:

  • Allow early insight into the efficacy, safety and mechanism of action of a therapy where the immune system is a target and/or a therapeutic modality
  • Prioritise and refine therapeutic indications by assessing the efficacy of a candidate therapy across multiple immunologically driven diseases
  • Benchmark the candidate drug against other drug leads and commercially available competitor products
  • Generate serendipitous discoveries of interesting aspects or therapeutic performance

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