Advanced end-to-end solutions underpinning the development of vaccines to combat infectious diseases.

Our Vaccine Services

Flow Cytometry

An extensive portfolio of phenotypic and functional flow cytometry assays to assess response against vaccine antigens. Assays can be combined with tetramer/pentamer analysis for HLA specific T-cell subsets.


As a top performing member of the Immudex ELISpot Proficiency Panel, we provide single or dual-color ELISpot immunostaining in response to a portfolio of vaccine antigens.

Humoral Response Analysis

Singleplex or multiplex vaccine immunogenicity assays by ELISA, MSD, Alphalisa, Gyros and DELFIA across a range of matrices including serum, plasma, dry blood spot, saliva and stool.

Laboratory Solutions for Vaccine Clinical Trials

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Considering a vaccine study in Africa?

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A complete end-to-end lab solution for vaccine development

Synexa has partnered with Cytespace Laboratories Africa to provide a complete end-to-end solution for vaccine development. Our combined expertise offers a comprehensive service, from central lab and safety marker analysis to intricate biomarker and bioanalysis, ensuring samples are prepared and processed to their fullest potential. With Cytespace as the central lab and Synexa handling specialist biomarker and bioanalytical analysis, this synergy provides industry leading vaccine study capabilities and streamlined laboratory testing.