Biomarker Science

Synexa works in a collaborative manner with clients to provide customized, flexible and multi-faceted biomarker solutions. The Analytical Continuum is a vital framework for the evolution of a robust biomarker program from Strategy to Stratification.

The analytical continuum


Crafting a plan to achieve long-term clinical objectives under conditions of biological uncertainty.


Control of the phase and process between specimen collection and initiation of analysis that ensures robust representation of in vivo biology.


Convergence of excellence in the scientists, methodologies and instrument controls brought to focus on the processing and acquisition of biological specimens.

Data Analytics

Analysis of raw data to draw conclusions, generate information and develop insight.


Division of patients into predictive subgroups based upon response to therapy.


Our technology platforms are tailored to assess biomarkers across the biological continuum.
We use innovative approaches and validated equipment to answer client-specific questions related to biomarkers at each level of the biological continuum.
This systems biology approach allows a much deeper insight into the drug-target interactions at a molecular level, defining the mechanism of action through the continuum and the ultimate response at tissue level.