Advanced solutions to further oncology and immuno-oncology therapeutics development.


With the advent of immuno-oncology therapies including CAR-T cell therapies, therapeutic vaccines, tumour targeting mAbs, oncolytic viruses and immune checkpoint inhibitors, the landscape of oncology has been revolutionised. However, the complex interactions between the immune system and cancer necessitates comprehensive bioanalysis strategies to monitor and understand their effects.


In the pursuit of effective cancer treatments, a comprehensive understanding of the underlying mechanisms and appropriate biomarkers is essential. This necessitates a range of analytical assays that can unravel the intricacies of cancer biology, provide insights into disease progression and guide early drug development. Moreover, during the critical phases of clinical trials, accurate assessment and validation of new therapeutics rely on the integration of multiple analytical techniques, for tracking treatment response and predicting patient outcomes.

Oncology Services

We offer a complementary suite of bioanalytical services specifically tailored for oncology studies from translational studies up to phase III trials.  

Flow Cytometry

Single cell analytical technologies such as multicolor flow cytometry are critical in defining patient immunological profiles, guiding treatment decisions and enabling the characterisation of the immune system. Synexa's expert team has extensive experience in designing robust assays to answer critical questions in the field of oncology.

Applications include: Functional assays, cytokine release assays, potency assays (cytotoxicity and ADCC), immunophenotyping, cell therapy persistence and potency, CAR T cell characterisation and immunogenicity, cell proliferation, activation, exhaustion and apoptosis, immune checkpoint analysis, rare cell detection.


ProtoTrials® is a human in vitro translational research platform that focuses on addressing immunobiological questions related to drug target engagement and expression of pharmacology.

ProtoTrials provides an innovative platform for oncology research, leveraging patient samples and innovative analytical technologies to unlock critical insights. Our tailored approach, combining genetic assessments, biomarker analysis and expert consultation empowers the furtherment of oncology therapeutic research.

Soluble Biomarkers

Synexa has extensive experience in designing bespoke biomarker panels for multiplexed immunoassays. The MSD platform offers absolute quantification of proteins in several matrices. Where sample availability is limited, we harness the Olink platform which requires only 1µL of sample and can analyse up to 92 different markers. Immuno-oncology and oncology specific panels are available or can be customised to your specific needs.

Assays include: drug-drug interaction, drug pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, drug immunogenicity, dose response, safety and efficacy.

Tissue Imaging

Synexa's Tissue and Cell Imaging Services interrogate multiple targets in situ covering a wide range of applications, from multiplex immunofluorescent tissue imaging to single molecule analysis in individual cells.

We employ a synergistic approach that integrates traditional hematoxylin and eosin staining techniques with customisable multi-plex (4 and 8 plex) immunofluorescence panels (mIF). Oncology specific panels for spatial analysis of the tumour microenvironment investigate immune cell infiltration patterns, tumour-immune cell crosstalk, tumour progression, immune exhaustion and response to immunotherapies.